How to Prevent and Reverse Sun Damage

We all know that Vitamin D is important to our hair, but exposing our hair to UVA and UVB  too many times can damage our hair.

The first signs of hair damage are those bright highlights that we get on our hair from going to the beach for long periods of time, that is discolored hair, from too much sun exposure. Also the tips get all dried up, and the hair starts getting dryer like straw. To prevent that and maintain those gorgeous summer time highlights, we need protective products like serums and hair masks.

So how to prevent sun damage to your hair and scalp?

  • HATS! Yes, the first thing is to wear a hat, there’s so many styles just choose something you like, that suits you! Wear it every time you go to the beach, and if possible every time you’ll be directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Spf hair products. Take with you product to apply in your hair every time you get sun exposure . At the beach, you must reapply it every time you go for a swim. The salt water dries up your hair. So use your towel and dry up your hair, then apply your protective product again.
  • Protect your scalp. Take a bit of sun cream, the stronger you have and apply it where you part your hair. Getting a sunburn there is not pleasant. It itches, and when it’s cured, the dried skin starts looking like dandruff.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, peroxide, and “sun activated hair lightening”. These ingredients can cause your hair to dry out faster and will speed the process of damage caused by the sun.


You’ve been warned! ;-)

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