How to Cure Heat Damage On Your Hair

dry hair fix with hair serumFrequent use of hair styling tools will damage our hair so here’s some tips to prevent as much damage as possible.

Signs of damaged hair:

  • – The natural texture and look of the hair changes.

Natural curly hair starts looking semi straight, some curls starts looking looser than before, and the texture changes, it gets frizzy and dried up . In straight hair, the tips get “spiked” and excessive split ends.

What causes it?

  • – The main cause is the extreme heat from hair styling tools.

The frequent use without the protective serums, creams, etc., leads to the symptoms above.

So how to prevent it?



Yes, if you’re going to start using hair tools, you must start by knowing your hair and what type of products are perfect for you. If your hair is curly, use shampoos and conditioners to maintain them, cause excessive “flat ironing” can destroy the curly structure and you hair starts looking weird, like half curled or one side starting looking straight and the other one is curly.

  • – Got to an hair specialist or hair salon to find the perfect product for your hair.

You can find some drugstore products that works fine too but its recommended to use the top shelf products from hair saloons. Just search, see reviews and get an idea of that the result will be. But remember, every hair is different!

  • – Expensive tools,  cheaper could bring expensive treatments later.

What I’m saying is, get a decent hair styling tool. The cheaper tools will lead to expensive hair treatment later! If you get a cheap one, it probably will have just one program, and temperature. Usually is a high damaging temperature. And it will make your hair dryer and all frizzy. Get a product where you have different choices of temperature and has a “care program”. It is usually a bit more expensive, but your hair is good “hands”.

  • - Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Hydrated hair is key to look healthy, but don’t forget, and healthy diet is important too.

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