Hair Coloring of Doom

hair serum repair for colored hairWe women love to color or hair and change things up every once in a while, but to maintain the color it’s a bit tricky and expensive. Problem is this whole process damages our hair big time.

What causes the damage?
First of all, hair coloring products contain chemicals such as bleach that damages your hair, removes natural pigmentation and all together our hair gets dryer and loses strength.

How to prevent it?
Some women want to maintain the platinum blonde hair, maybe that fire red. To maintain the color longer in between touch-ups you’ll need to use special products for dyed hair. Just get some help from hair experts or a hair salon, someone with experience to help you get the best products for your hair and avoid dyeing your hair with products that contain ammonia.

This chemical is the biggest responsible to hair damage. It lifts the natural pigmentation, so the dye molecules get in the hair structure making it permanent. That’s what makes the color stick for longer but it will also weaken your hair.

To avoid dryness, or maintain a light smoothness, use conditioner and hair masks.
They’re key to avoid more damage to your hair!

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