Hair Serum For Shiny and Heathy Looking Hair

How To Fix Frizzy, Broken and ‘Dead’ Hair

hair serum for frizzy hair repairVitamins Deficiency

Medical doctors have established that a b12 vitamin deficiency can causes your hair to fall out, and the best way to fix that is to increase the intake of certain foods. The best food sources of B12 vitamin are meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy products, as well as some fermented foods and algaes. If healthy eating is a problem, a vitamin supplement can be recommended as a last resort.


Also, what you use to comb your hair might be damaging it big time, and what the high fashion hairstylists are recommending are brushes made of genuine boar bristles. Boar bristle hairbrushes do more than detangle and style hair. They also spread evenly the natural oil in your hair to give it a healthier and smoother look and feel. A boar bristle brush gently massages the remaining hair to stimulate healthy oils production, and smoothes it out to make it more manageable.

Shampoos for a healthy, shiny head

Make sure you’re using a sulfates-free shampoo as those don’t frieze the hair and don’t dry up the scalp, allowing your natural oils to moisturize and revitalize your hair. We highly recommend this one (click here).

Hairstyles of Evil

Also, if you’re using a ponytail all the time,  that may be  damaging your hair and more importantly, your scalp. That is damage that is impossible to repair  and will catch up to you eventually. Let your hair down, quite literally!

Miracle Hair Serum

Aside from these hair care tips you should really use a hair serum when you get out of the shower and apply it abundantly. If you use a frizzing iron or blow dry your hair a lot this is a must or you hair will always be frizzy, broken, and will lose shine.

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How to and What to use Hair Serum For

What is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is the most advanced nurture for your hair… there are different types for different hair problems.
There is a serum to protect the hair from getting damaged from too much sun exposure, all the way to a serum for hair loss. The product stays in your hair until you wash it, so every time you wash your hair you need to re-apply it.


What are the most common hair problems that require serum?

Usually, the most common problem is hair loss, next comes the known as “frizzy hair”, and then the breakable hair, usually generated from hair styling gadgets. Or even those hairs which had an excessive chemical exposure, like hair coloring.  But for each problem exists a solution.

For example,
- for hair loss, people need a serum to makes the hair grow stronger.
- for the frizzy hair, a solution to generate a protective layer avoiding the humid conditions which leads to the “wild hair”.
- for dry/colored hair, a serum to make it smoother.

Or a protective product to apply whenever you use a hair dryer or a flat/curling iron, to avoid the hair getting all “burned up” from the extreme heat from those gadgets. The frequent use of those hair styling tools, it makes the hair get all dryed up and the ends tend to become more breakable.


How to choose the best Hair Serum for you condition?

To get better results, you need to make sure you go to a hair salon, consult a hair expert or stylist before you get a serum. Using the wrong serum in a “open road” to permanent damage to your hair. Get the right advices from the right people!
The hair salons tend to have the right products for our hair problems, although they manage to be too expensive if you need a long time application. Try to get a “cheaper alternative” but even so a “correct” serum to prevent more expensive problems later on.


Tips for Hair Serum Application

- Avoid using your finger tips to spread the serum. Use a paddle brush instead, to get a more even application.

- If you notice a excessive dryness on the day after the application, stop using it. Stylists claim that only certain types of hair react like that. To prevent more problems, stop the application.

- It’s not the serum that will take care of your hair, you have a part in this too. Consume fruits, and a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and get the 8 hours of sleep.

- Use a good shampoo and conditioner too. Products which suit your hair type will only benefit the results.

- Start from the middle! Avoid the scalp/roots area! It’s common to start from the top of our hair, like we do when we apply our shampoo or conditioner. But hair serums are different. The natural oils generated from our scalp will take care of our roots, so if you apply serum on the top your hair will immediately look all oily and dirty. So start from the ear-level to the ends.

- Use it on wet hair. The hair gets delicate when it’s all wet, so be careful applying the serum. For the control of the frizzy hair for example, the application on the wet hair will present results when the hair is all dried up.

How to Cure Heat Damage On Your Hair

dry hair fix with hair serumFrequent use of hair styling tools will damage our hair so here’s some tips to prevent as much damage as possible.

Signs of damaged hair:

  • – The natural texture and look of the hair changes.

Natural curly hair starts looking semi straight, some curls starts looking looser than before, and the texture changes, it gets frizzy and dried up . In straight hair, the tips get “spiked” and excessive split ends.

What causes it?

  • – The main cause is the extreme heat from hair styling tools.

The frequent use without the protective serums, creams, etc., leads to the symptoms above.

So how to prevent it?



Yes, if you’re going to start using hair tools, you must start by knowing your hair and what type of products are perfect for you. If your hair is curly, use shampoos and conditioners to maintain them, cause excessive “flat ironing” can destroy the curly structure and you hair starts looking weird, like half curled or one side starting looking straight and the other one is curly.

  • – Got to an hair specialist or hair salon to find the perfect product for your hair.

You can find some drugstore products that works fine too but its recommended to use the top shelf products from hair saloons. Just search, see reviews and get an idea of that the result will be. But remember, every hair is different!

  • – Expensive tools,  cheaper could bring expensive treatments later.

What I’m saying is, get a decent hair styling tool. The cheaper tools will lead to expensive hair treatment later! If you get a cheap one, it probably will have just one program, and temperature. Usually is a high damaging temperature. And it will make your hair dryer and all frizzy. Get a product where you have different choices of temperature and has a “care program”. It is usually a bit more expensive, but your hair is good “hands”.

  • - Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Hydrated hair is key to look healthy, but don’t forget, and healthy diet is important too.

Hair Coloring of Doom

hair serum repair for colored hairWe women love to color or hair and change things up every once in a while, but to maintain the color it’s a bit tricky and expensive. Problem is this whole process damages our hair big time.

What causes the damage?
First of all, hair coloring products contain chemicals such as bleach that damages your hair, removes natural pigmentation and all together our hair gets dryer and loses strength.

How to prevent it?
Some women want to maintain the platinum blonde hair, maybe that fire red. To maintain the color longer in between touch-ups you’ll need to use special products for dyed hair. Just get some help from hair experts or a hair salon, someone with experience to help you get the best products for your hair and avoid dyeing your hair with products that contain ammonia.

This chemical is the biggest responsible to hair damage. It lifts the natural pigmentation, so the dye molecules get in the hair structure making it permanent. That’s what makes the color stick for longer but it will also weaken your hair.

To avoid dryness, or maintain a light smoothness, use conditioner and hair masks.
They’re key to avoid more damage to your hair!

How to Prevent and Reverse Sun Damage

We all know that Vitamin D is important to our hair, but exposing our hair to UVA and UVB  too many times can damage our hair.

The first signs of hair damage are those bright highlights that we get on our hair from going to the beach for long periods of time, that is discolored hair, from too much sun exposure. Also the tips get all dried up, and the hair starts getting dryer like straw. To prevent that and maintain those gorgeous summer time highlights, we need protective products like serums and hair masks.

So how to prevent sun damage to your hair and scalp?

  • HATS! Yes, the first thing is to wear a hat, there’s so many styles just choose something you like, that suits you! Wear it every time you go to the beach, and if possible every time you’ll be directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Spf hair products. Take with you product to apply in your hair every time you get sun exposure . At the beach, you must reapply it every time you go for a swim. The salt water dries up your hair. So use your towel and dry up your hair, then apply your protective product again.
  • Protect your scalp. Take a bit of sun cream, the stronger you have and apply it where you part your hair. Getting a sunburn there is not pleasant. It itches, and when it’s cured, the dried skin starts looking like dandruff.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, peroxide, and “sun activated hair lightening”. These ingredients can cause your hair to dry out faster and will speed the process of damage caused by the sun.


You’ve been warned! ;-)